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Zenpy Box Organiser for Gloomhaven Monster Tokens, Abilities and Stats

Zenpy Box Organiser for Gloomhaven Monster Tokens, Abilities and Stats

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Spend less time hunting down monsters in the box and more time hunting monsters on the Gloomhaven battlefield with these Monster Box Organisers.

These organisers protect and store monster tokens, ability cards and stat cards all in the one place for each monster. Easily find the monster just by scanning through the names above.

Available Versions:

  • Gloomhaven: 17 double-sided monster boxes + 1 GH boss box. Stores all Gloomhaven monster and boss standees, ability card and stat cards.
  • Gloomhaven+FC (ForgottenCircles): 19 double-sided monster boxes + 1 GH:FC boss box. Stores all Gloomhaven and Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles expansion monster and boss standees, ability card and stat cards. (Note: If you previously purchased the "Gloomhaven" version of this product and want an upgrade to also support Forgotten Circles, please contact me for a discounted upgrade)
  • Jaws of the Lion: 7 double-sided monster boxes + 1 Jaws boss box. Stores all Jaws of the Lion monster and boss standees, ability card and stat cards, EXCEPT for the "Basic monster" ability cards which are not used past the intro missions.
  • (Coming soon) Frosthaven: Once we have a set to test with


  • Unsleeved cards: Sized just right to fit the cards
  • Sleeved cards: Internal card slot is slightly wider to accommodate sleeved monster ability cards, but NOT sleeved square stat cards. Outer box is still the same size, but the standee space is a little narrower. We have tested that tokens still fit with the narrower space, but you may need to be a tetris expert for some monsters. Hint if you get stuck - there is a spot for extra standee on top of the ability cards.

Please note that some monsters in Gloomhaven share ability cards. For example Vermling Shaman and Inox Shaman have separate stat cards and tokens, but share the "Shaman" ability cards. You can store these monsters next to each other for easy access.

We have shown the storage boxes in the Gloomhaven box as a reference for size, it's not a bad place to put them! Keep in mind there are several other Gloomhaven bits and pieces, we find putting them in zip lock bags and filling in the gaps to fill up the box works pretty well. Alternatively these organisers can be stored in a cupboard shelf or on a tray. For Jaws of the Lion edition, note that the box isn't large enough to store these upright, but it still fits quite neatly sideways with the rest of the other pieces if you remove the black caddy and place the other items in the zip lock bags (see photo).

Please note we are not affiliated with Gloomhaven or Cephalofair Games. We just love designing and making upgrades for a great game.

This product is 3D printed in environmentally-friendly corn-based PLA bioplastic. Due to 3D-printing process, it is normal to have visible layer lines and roughness in the product. Please avoid heat sources or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as they can damage the item. We proudly designed and created this Zenpy Product in Australia. If you are not fully satisfied with a Zenpy Product we are happy to provide a replacement or full refund.

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