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Textured PEI Powder-coated Steel Sheet for Prusa MK3S+

Textured PEI Powder-coated Steel Sheet for Prusa MK3S+

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This is the official Prusa "Double-sided Textured PEI Powder-coated Spring Steel Sheet" designed for the Prusa MK3, MK3S and MK3S+. This item is brand new, unused and ships from Sydney.

Compared to the smooth PEI steel sheet, this provides your prints with a textured finish on the bottom.

Benefits of Textured Sheet

  • Scratchproof, hard to damage
  • Transfers texture to prints
  • More forgiving Live Adjust Z setting
  • No need for Windex with PETG
  • No need for glue stick with FLEX
  • Prints automatically detach after sheet cools down
  • First layer can be more squished compared to smooth sheets

Drawbacks of Textured Sheet

  • PLA prints with a small contact area may need a brim
  • PLA prints with a huge footprint may warp
  • Need to change Live Adjust Z if you also own Smooth PEI sheet
  • Never clean with acetone
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