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Satin Steel Sheet for Prusa MK3S+

Satin Steel Sheet for Prusa MK3S+

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This is the official Prusa "Double-sided Powder-coated Satin Spring Steel Sheet" designed for the Prusa MK3, MK3S and MK3S+. This item is brand new, unused and ships from Sydney.

In terms of printing properties, the Satin sheet sits between the smooth and textured variants. Its powder-coated surface with lightly textured matte finish offers an optimal level of adhesion, especially when printing PLA and PETG materials. It is fully compatible with a wide range of common and less-common filaments, such as ABS, ASA, FlexFill 98A, Polycarbonate and more. A vast majority of materials can be printed without a separation layer (e.g. glue).

Benefits of Satin Sheet

  • Suitable for both PLA and PETG
  • Lightly textured surface finish
  • No need for Windex for PETG
  • No need for glue stick with FlexFill 98A
  • Wide range of supported filaments, including advanced materials, for instance PC Blend
  • Easy maintenance and good adhesion qualities

Drawbacks of Satin Sheet

  • Acetone causes the surface to quickly deteriorate
  • Prints from ASA, PC Blend require a brim / skirt / shield around the print
  • Live Z value needs to be readjusted if you switch sheets
  • DO NOT use sharp metal objects (e.g. a spatula) to remove the print!
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