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Prusament PETG - 3D-Printing Filament 1.75mm

Prusament PETG - 3D-Printing Filament 1.75mm

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Prusament PETG is the official PETG filament from "Prusa Polymers by Josef Prusa". It is a premium filament developed by Prusa. Prusament has extremely high standards for filament diameter and colour consistency to help ensure perfect prints every time.


  • 1.75mm filament diameter
  • Spool weight 1kg
  • Premium-grade materials and thorough testing
  • +- 0.02mm filament diameter precision
  • Recommended Nozzle Temperature: 240-260 C
  • Recommended Bed Temperature: 70-90 C

About PETG

PETG is one of the most commonly used filaments. It is an excellent choice for printing mechanically stressed parts. Compared to PLA, it is more heat resistant, more flexible and less brittle.

Shipping and Handling

This product is in brand new condition, with vacuum seal intact and ships via Australia Post from Sydney within 1-2 business days.

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