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Prusament ASA - 3D-Printing Filament 1.75mm

Prusament ASA - 3D-Printing Filament 1.75mm

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Prusament ASA is the official ASA filament from "Prusa Polymers by Josef Prusa". It is a premium filament developed by Prusa. Prusament has extremely high standards for filament diameter and colour consistency to help ensure perfect prints every time.


  • 1.75mm filament diameter
  • 850g of ASA per spool (note that ASA is lighter than PLA and PETG, so this is roughly the same amount of filament as a standard PLA 1kg spool)
  • Premium-grade materials and thorough testing
  • +- 0.02mm filament diameter precision
  • Recommended Nozzle Temperature: 250-270 C
  • Recommended Bed Temperature: 105-115 C

About ASA

ASA is a particularly noteworthy material for its high UV resistance and very high heat tolerance, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 93 C. This makes it the ideal material for use in vehicles and other potentially high temperature settings. You can use acetone vapours to achieve a nice finish with your ASA prints.

However, you can still encounter some issues related to shrinking (warping) of the material – especially when printing larger models. Even with the heatbed set to 110°C, the prints can shrink and warp, causing them to detach from the print bed. However, the effects are much less severe compared to ABS. This issue can be eliminated by printing inside an enclosure or by adding a tall skirt around the object.

 ASA printing requires specific conditions for successful results. It’s important to run the prints in a well-ventilated room, because the material releases fumes and substances that could pose a potential health risk. However, when ventilating the room, do not create a draft around the print – this will negatively impact the result.

Shipping and Handling

This product is in brand new condition, with vacuum seal intact and ships via Australia Post from Sydney within 1-2 business days.

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