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Deluxe Dice Set with Organiser Case - For Tabletop RPGs, D&D, Pathfinder

Deluxe Dice Set with Organiser Case - For Tabletop RPGs, D&D, Pathfinder

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Dice Set
Organiser Case
Tired of asking a monster to wait while you find the correct dice to deal damage? With this dice organiser, each die has its own special socket, so you'll always pick the right one. This version features deluxe dice combined with our recently developed dual-colour case design.

When open, the lid stacks neatly under the base. When closed, the case protects your dice in a compact travel form, yet still allowing you to show off your glorious D20 with its unique case design.

Each set includes an organiser case and 7 dice - d20, d12, d100, d10, d8, d6 and d4 in the colour of your choice. Are you a dashing rogue or a power hungry warlock? Choose a colour to match your character.

Organiser Case Details:
- Justice White - White lid and base with yellow inlay
- Assassin Black - Black lid and base with red inlay
- Arcana Purple - Purple lid and base with gold colour inlay
- Wanderer Green - Green lid and base with brown inlay
- Elemental Blue - Blue lid and base with red inlay
- Battlefury Red - Red lid and base with gold colour inlay

We developed this product after going through dozens of iterations and reprints, and in different styles until we had a final product we were proud to share. The dice sockets in this case are designed to be snug around the dice, so be aware that dice purchased elsewhere are unlikely to fit.

Want to tilt the odds in your favour, Our weighted novelty d20s will either add a little or a lot to your chances to roll high or low. Can be used for a variety of purposes such as giving one to a player in the form of inspiration or adding a little reward for stacked advantage. Spice up your rolls with some blessed or cursed dice.

Ever find yourself skipping a turn in combat? Or maybe you're just tired of constantly getting asked who's going next or when that monster's turn? Solve all these problems with our simple initiative trackers. Mounted on top of the DM screen or on a separate printed rail. This should drastically speed up combat and make sure no ones turn gets skipped again.

The dice organiser is 3D printed in environmentally-friendly non-toxic PLA and the dice are acrylic and resin. Please avoid heat sources or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as they can damage the item. We proudly designed and created this Zenpy Product in Australia. If you are not fully satisfied with a Zenpy Product we are happy to provide a replacement or full refund.
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