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D&D Magnetic Dungeon Terrain Kit - Modular Magnetic Tiles

D&D Magnetic Dungeon Terrain Kit - Modular Magnetic Tiles

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Introducing the Magnetic, Modular D&D Terrain - the perfect addition to your dungeon crawling adventures. With its fully modular and magnetic snap-together design, you can piece together the floors, walls, and doors exactly how you imagine it to be. The magnetic pieces make it easy to set up and keep it all together during gameplay. Plus, you can easily add terrain on the fly as the party explores deeper into the depths of the dungeon.

This 3D Printed dungeon set comes in stone grey color, and each floor tile is a 1.5 inches (38 mm) square. You can play with them as-is, or they can be primed and painted for that extra touch.

Assembly is required to insert magnets into each tile, but don't worry, magnets are included. Please allow for time to do this before your first gaming session. It will take a party of 4 about 20-30 minutes for the Starter Kit. We have found the easiest method to be inserting the magnet ball into the clip and then inserting the clip part way into the tile and pressing the clip against a hard flat surface such as a table until it locks into place.

Here is what you get in each kit:

Starter Kit (124 pieces):
   • 32 Center Floor Tiles
   • 32 Side Floor Tiles
   • 32 Side Wall Pieces
   • 2 Half Wall Pieces
   • 12 Corner Floor Tiles
   • 12 Corner Wall Pieces
   • 1 Single Door
   • 1 Double Door

Room Add-on (37 pieces):
   • 6 Center Floor Tiles
   • 12 Side Floor Tiles
   • 9 Side Wall Pieces
   • 4 Corner Floor Tiles
   • 4 Corner Wall Pieces
   • 1 Single Door
   • 1 Double Door

Tower Add-on (21 pieces):
   • 5 Center Floor Tiles
   • 4 Side Floor Tiles
   • 3 Side Wall Pieces
   • 4 2x2 Curved Floor (Equivalent of 3.5 Floor) Tiles
   • 4 2x2 Curved Wall (Equivalent of 3 Wall) Pieces
   • 1 Single Door

Stairs Add-on (34 pieces):
   • 12 Stairs Tiles
   • 22 Riser Blocks

This set is completely compatible with our magnetic library tiles, so feel free to mix and match when creating your perfect dungeon. If you're interested in the library tiles, you can find them here:

Please note that this product is 3D printed in PLA, so visible layer lines and roughness may be present. To ensure the longevity of your terrain, we recommend avoiding heat sources or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

We're proud to have designed and created this Zenpy Product in Australia, and we stand behind its quality. If you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, we're happy to provide a replacement or full refund.

Each piece of this 3D printed library set is designed by Ian at The Dragon's Rest, and we are an authorized manufacturer and merchant of this product. Visit to learn more about Ian and his great designs.
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