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Terrain for Gloomhaven and JOTL Scatter 196 piece | 3D Printed Full Object Replacement Packs

Terrain for Gloomhaven and JOTL Scatter 196 piece | 3D Printed Full Object Replacement Packs

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Bring your Gloomhaven experience to life with these highly detailed terrain and environment tile replacements. This 3D printed set comes with a replacement for every overlay tile provided in the base game. Forgotten circles does not include any additional overlay tiles so this should work perfectly for FC as well.

Grey - Ideal if you intend to prime and paint these terrain pieces.
Coloured - All items will be produced in the closest matching filament colour, see listing pictures for reference.

The Full Kit contains a replacement for every object and overlay tile in base Gloomhaven except wooden and stone floors, but if you want to save a little bit of money, you can buy a smaller pack.
JOTL contains a replacement for all Jaws of the Lion objects. Difficult terrain such as water has not been replaced, this is a replacement for all the obstacles, objectives, traps and other physical items that are used in the book.

Gloomhaven - (196 Total Objects):

3    Diff. Terrain    Log 2
6    Diff. Terrain    Rubble
4    Diff. Terrain    Stairs
14    Diff. Terrain    Water
8    Diff. Terrain    Water 2

8    Door            Dark Fog
6    Door            Stone Door
4    Door            Light Fog
4    Haz. Terrain    Thorns
5    Haz. Terrain    Hot Coals
6    Haz. Terrain    Hot Coals 2

4    Obstacle    Nest
4    Obstacle    Stump
2    Obstacle    Cabinet
2    Obstacle    Crate
3    Obstacle    Barrel
2    Obstacle    Shelf 2
3    Obstacle    Table 2
4    Obstacle    Bookcase 2
3    Obstacle    Tree 3 Base
3    Obstacle    Tree 3 Top
6    Obstacle    Dark Pit 2
6    Obstacle    Bush
6    Obstacle    Totem
4    Obstacle    Altar
6    Obstacle    Rock Column
6    Obstacle    Boulder
6    Obstacle    Stalagmites
1    Obstacle    Fountain Base
6    Obstacle    Stone Pillar
4    Obstacle    Large Bldrs. 2
6    Obstacle    Wall Section 2
4    Obstacle    Huge Bldrs. 3
2    Obstacle    Crystal
1    Obstacle    Fountain Water
4    Obstacle    Sarcophagus 2

6    Overlay            Press. Plate
6    Trap            Poison Gas
6    Trap            Bear Trap
6    Trap            Spike Pit

6    Treasure    Treasure Chest

Jaws of the Lion -  (129 Total Objects):

12    Diff. Terrain    Rubble

1    Door            Double Doors
4    Door            Stone Door

1    Obstacle    Corpse Barrel
1    Obstacle    1 Hex Spike Barricade
2    Obstacle    2 Hex Spike Barricade
2    Obstacle    Cabinet
2    Obstacle    Boulder
3    Obstacle    Stalagmites
3    Obstacle    Wards
3    Obstacle    Sparring Posts
4    Obstacle    Barrel
4    Obstacle    Stone Cylinders
4    Obstacle    Growths
4    Obstacle    Bookcase 2
4    Obstacle    Summoning Stone
7    Obstacle    Crate
7    Obstacle    Statues
8    Obstacle    Table 2
11    Obstacle    Wooden Pillar
12    Obstacle    Shelf 2
12    Obstacle    Fruit Crate

6    Trap            Poison Gas
8    Trap            Bear Trap

4    Treasure    Treasure Tile

Source models are copyright Jon Robelia, provided as an officially licensed seller.
The Totem Model is liquidlogic's excellent design (
Water tiles (

Other upgrades for Gloomhaven and Frosthaven:
- Monster Stands
- Condition Clips
- Player Dashboard
- Monster Ability Card Holders
- Monster Deck Holder
- Simple Element Tracker

- Gloomhaven Monster Box Organiser
- Gloomhaven Terrain and Scatter
- Gloomhaven Item Shop
- Gloomhaven Card Storage
- Gloomhaven Character Class Boxes
- Gloomhaven Player Summon Miniatures - Starter Classes
- Gloomhaven Tile and Token Organiser

Please note we are not affiliated with Gloomhaven or Cephalofair Games - these are custom upgrades designed and produced for this great game.

This product is 3D printed in environmentally-friendly corn-based PLA bioplastic. Due to 3D-printing process, it is normal to have visible layer lines and roughness in the product. Please avoid heat sources or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as they can damage the item. We proudly designed and created this Zenpy Product in Australia. If you are not fully satisfied with a Zenpy Product we are happy to provide a replacement or full refund.
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