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Card Boxes for Gloomhaven and JOTL | Storage Organizer for Cards | Box Storage and Organiser

Card Boxes for Gloomhaven and JOTL | Storage Organizer for Cards | Box Storage and Organiser

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Neatly organise and sort your Gloomhaven cards for quicker access and clean-up. Have the City and Road events instantly available, never go digging in the box again to try and find the bags where you keep the Personal Quests and locked Events whenever a character retires. Have the Bless, Monster Curse and Player Curses readily available to speed up game play. Protect your cards and extend the longevity of your cards.

Save money when you purchase multiple Gloomhaven upgrades with our assorted packs:

Available Versions:

Standard Gloomhaven: A large card box with 8 Dividers,
  -City Events: The Currently available City events
  -Road Events: The Currently available Road events
  -Locked City: The City events that must be unlocked
  -Locked Road: The Road events that must be unlocked
  -Personal Quests: The Personal Quests for retirement
  -Random Scenarios : The deck to build Random Scenarios From
  -Misc: Leftover cards such as player reference and Envelope
  -Discard: All the cards you were meant to rip up but secretly held onto

  A small card box with 6 Dividers,
  - Bless: The Bless deck of 10 cards shared between Players and Monsters
  - Monster Curse: The Curse deck of 10 cards for Monsters
  - Player Curse: The Curse deck of 10 cards for Players
  - Misc: Remaining cards such as Unused modifiers for Player 3 and 4, -1 Cards from armour and scenarios and any remaining small cards.
  - Monster Attack Deck: The 20 card Monster Attack Modifier Deck
  - Battle Goals: Deck of scenario Battle Goals, should be enough space to fit additional Jaws of the Lion Battle Goals

Player equipment as well as locked and random items can be stored in our item shop.

- Item Shop:

Premium Gloomhaven Tavern and Church: Replace the facades of the Large and Small card boxes with the Sleeping Lion Tavern and the Sanctuary of the Great Oak church. We wanted to make a more aesthetically pleasing storage solution in line with our item shop.

Standard Gloomhaven+FC:  Adds space to the large and small card box to facilitate Forgotten Circles

Unsleeved: Best if your cards are unsleeved, the design will save space in the box and use less material.

Sleeved: Sized to fit all the above listed cards once they are sleeved, this product was sized to fit 60 Micron Sleeves comfortably but 120 Micron thick sleeves fit but it is a bit of a squeeze.

Sleeved +500 Sleeves:  You will get the Sleeved version of the product and we will also include 300 Premium 60 Micron Large Standard Card sleeves and 200 Premium 60 Micron Small European Card sleeves. Gloomhaven has 222 Large cards and 138 Small cards that are intended to fit into these card boxes with additional sleeves assigned for the 4 player attack modifier decks, so you have more than enough to sleeve up your cards with plenty of leftovers for the other important cards in your box.


Other upgrades for Gloomhaven and Frosthaven:
- Monster Stands
- Condition Clips
- Player Dashboard
- Monster Ability Card Holders
- Monster Deck Holder
- Simple Element Tracker

- Gloomhaven Monster Box Organiser
- Gloomhaven Terrain and Scatter
- Gloomhaven Item Shop
- Gloomhaven Card Storage
- Gloomhaven Character Class Boxes
- Gloomhaven Player Summon Miniatures - Starter Classes
- Gloomhaven Tile and Token Organiser

Please note we are not affiliated with Gloomhaven or Cephalofair Games - these are custom upgrades designed and produced for this great game.

This product is 3D printed in environmentally-friendly corn-based PLA bioplastic. Due to 3D-printing process, it is normal to have visible layer lines and roughness in the product. Please avoid heat sources or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as they can damage the item. We proudly designed and created this Zenpy Product in Australia. If you are not fully satisfied with a Zenpy Product we are happy to provide a replacement or full refund.
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