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3D Printed Heart with Meshing Gears

3D Printed Heart with Meshing Gears

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A 3D Printed, personalised heart for your Valentine, this gift is comprised of multiple rotating gears which when aligned, form a neat heart shape. Twists through a full 360 degree rotation as many times as you like. A great gift with a geeky twist!

Personalisation options:
- Standard: Heart with no engravings
- Personalised: Two names - one on each side, and initials Provide two names to be engraved on each side of the heart, and initials on the side.

Both options include stand holding the heart upright.

10cm x 10cm x 6cm

Based on Emmett's excellent design at Personalised version credit to MartinW2's remix of the original design.

This product is 3D printed in environmentally-friendly corn-based PLA bioplastic. Due to 3D-printing process, it is normal to have visible layer lines and roughness in the product. Please avoid heat sources or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as they can damage the item. We proudly designed and created this Zenpy Product in Australia. If you are not fully satisfied with a Zenpy Product we are happy to provide a replacement or full refund.
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